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Vi-Spring Beds

Each Vi-Spring pocket spring reacts to every movement you make as you sleep, giving head-to-toe support. Only the finest natural fibres are used in a Vi-Spring bed, expertly blended to provide ultimate softness and support. Every mattress is hand side-stitched, finished with exquisite fabrics and embroidered with the Vi-Spring name. View our range and visit our Cornwall showroom to purchase!


    Vi-Spring Beds Cornwall & Devon

    A range of Vi-Spring beds to Cornwall & Devon here at Solomon's Furniture Superstore

    Vi-Spring Beds Cornwall are made with the highest quality natural fibres that have been blended to provide ultimate support and softness. These luxury beds have special springs which are made to re-act to every movement as you sleep, which allows full support whilst you rest. Each and every one of Vi-Spring Beds Cornwall provided by Solomon’s are of the finest quality, the mattresses are hand side stitched and finished with beautiful fabrics, what more could you want from your bed time experience?

    Vi-Spring Beds Devon truly allow one to indulge in total relaxation, they offer nothing but a quality sleep at night.

    At Solomon's we have a wide selection of Vi-Spring beds Cornwall. They propose ultimate luxury along with each Vi-Spring pocket springs reacting to every movement whilst you sleep. If you would like more information regarding our Vi-Spring Beds Devon please contact us, or come down and visit our Solomon's Superstore we would be happy to help.

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